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Geiranger. Norwegian Trolls and Chinese Vikings

In summer time the village is flooded with tourists, which bring cruise liners, sea and Express Hurtigruten ferries from Hellesylt. Well, someone, as we descend from the mountains via the the Eagleroad.

Geiranger Geiranger

In the village a few souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, bike rental and sports equipment, docks offers boat trips to the famous waterfalls of the Geirangerfjord.

Geiranger panorama

It's fun being Norwegian Troll legends is not so good-natured - in Norse mythology, he takes the appearance of an evil dwarf, a giant or witch. In Norway, it is often a "Troll" is associated,the formation of mountains and rocks, are talking about it trolls, turned to stone, for example: Trolleholm, Trollheim, or a dangerous place, ruled by an evil spirit, Trolley ("road trolls"), Trollbot ("valley of trolls"), Trollman ("lake trolls"). The legends say that trolls live in caves and go hunting by night, meet the Troll in the deep woods or high in the mountains. If the Troll did not have time before dark to return to the cave, with the first rays of the sun it turns to stone. Over time, the word "Troll" has become a common designation of all evil. Similarly, the Norwegian word "magic, sorcery" also is the root of the "Troll" — "trollop". There are stories that trolls sometimes appear among men in human form. Usually the person can not immediately guess who it is. However, it is recommended that if he became suspicious, in any case should not reap a stranger's hand. They can also take the form of a dog, a black goat or a friendly man with a tail. It is important to know how to handle them. First, keep the secret of his name. Do not take from the Troll treats and run away so that your tracks formed a cross with a plow furrows in the plowed field. If you met in the gorge, invite the Troll to follow you to the light: it will be turned to stone with the appearance of the bright sun. Trolls often abduct people. However, the folk tradition has provided several ways to protect themselves from trolls or oppose them. First and foremost is, of course, the Christian cross, the sound of the Church bells and everything else that is associated with the Christian religion. If you had to release the Troll prisoner of the mountains, it was necessary to ring the bells. If the Church was so far away that the mountains came the sound of bells, the bell brought to the mountains, and rang there. Tell that Troll in harming the person, is he good-natured and acts as a good host. It happens that the Troll helps the man, but man — the Troll. Many Norwegians still believe in trolls that live in homes and think that all small household troubles - their antics. In fact, the analogue of our house. Carved wood figurines trolls are a favourite object of folk crafts and tourist symbol of Norway.


Well, it's the Vikings of Chinese origin who had come to the great white drakar Costa Luminosa.


Hotels and pensions Geiranger in the summer is filled with Geiranger, skalolazan and just walking along the mountain paths. The place is really stunning, the atmosphere of this small town is forever etched in my memory.

Geiranger Geiranger Geiranger

In shops a wide choice of Souvenirs and Handicrafts. Also a large selection of outdoor clothing at frightening prices...I had a dream to buy this trip jacket-membrance manufactured by Helly Hansen, that is to say, at home production, and only in Geiranger is the first opportunity to touch the goods and ask the price. First, of course, made a favorable impression, but the second plunged into depression...had a faint hope that somewhere "not in store for tourists," prices will be more humane, but alas... The jacket I bought in the last day of the tour, in Helsinki "Stockmann" and twice cheaper than in Geiranger. Well what can I say - the world leader in standard of living is a leader in consumer prices.


Cafe too, the prices are not pleased, but hunger-not my aunt, and had to splurge by purchasing a big, hot hamburger, which cost ten euros. In the Central European countries, this dish is twice-the second less. Well, except that these prices I saw in Swiss Lugano. By the way, I had not a penny of national currencies in all three "non-Euro" countries for this journey and any inconvenience have never experienced a card you can pay for a Cup of tea. Also have never seen a local paid in cash.

Geiranger Geiranger

Long nose Troll has a very specific function - they prevent the mess, which brewed the trolls in their caves.