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Naples. Ferry dock (Calata Porta di Massa)

From Naples to the Ischia island can be reached in several ways. The most famous and fastest (and most expensive) - a high-speed boat, it is about an hour and costs about 20 euros. The boats (local name is Aliscafo) departures from the piers Beverello (Molo Beverello, on map ), next to the Castle Nuovo. But I had nowhere to hurry, so I chose the second option - to the island on the car ferry. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)

The ferry berths are in Porto di Massa ( map ), between the cruise and cargo port. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)

 Entrance to the port to the left of the Naval Station ( map , passing a couple of times along the port, tired of answering questions of auto tourists). You can also enter through the gate of the cargo port to which abuts the Via Duomo ( map ). To this gate from the station Garibaldi a little more of kilometer, I'm not straining reached on foot walking for 20 minutes. Parking (in this photo) is located next to the pier. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)

Hall of Ferry Terminal, decorated in a contemporary vein, but I do not know how to sit comfortably on these designer benches. If you go to a hall with a berth ticket offices will be on the right. In offices, as well as in the lobby was deserted, I came in 30 minutes before ferry departure.  Naples. The ferry port (Napoli Porta di Massa)

I bought a ticket (11 euros with penny) and walked along the pier. My ferry of the shipping company "Medmar"  standing with open landing ramp, but near not be seen passengers and cars. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)

On the right are marine terminals ferry lines to Sicily and Sardinia. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)Meanwhile, in the harbor quickly entered another car ferry. My attention was drawn to enough large boat, make maneuvers in narrow harbor at high speed. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)

In my time I have seen enough as slow to moor a ships on Volga river, and looked like the ferry turned around almost on the spot, I imbued with deep respect towards qualification of Neapolitan skippers.. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)

Per 10 minutes before departure I climbed aboard.. Medmar ferry Naples-Ischia

I looked into a completely empty saloon, accommodating four hundred passengers. My companions in this voyage was only about twenty people.. Medmar ferry Naples-Ischia

I tested  seats  - the distance between rows was quite comfortable - you can easily stretch the legs . For the passengers - a buffet with coffee and other beverages.. Medmar ferry Naples-Ischia

 the buffet has a small gaming area, where there is a half-dozen "one-armed bandits". Someone has decided to try his luckBehind the buffet there is a small games area with half-dozen "one-armed bandits". Already someone tries luck.. Medmar ferry Naples-Ischia

climbed to the upper deck,  I looked at the panorama of the port. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)

On the quay Calata Porta di Massa are two companies - Medmar and Caremar. These ferries carry flights to Ischia, Procida, Capri. Schedule can be seen here: Caremar , Medmar . On these  sites, you can buy tickets in advance, but this is not worth it - it's cost extra 4 euros. Perhaps, in a high season, it makes sense, especially for motorists, there's nothing i can say. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)

In waiting for departure i been seen through telephoto lens fortress of St. Elmo, dominating over the city.. Naples. Castel Sant'Elmo

Dome of the Church of San Pietro Martire, covered with colorful ceramics. By the way, near of the church the dome cannot be seen.  Naples. The dome of the church of San Pietro Martire

 Pediment of University. Naples. The pediment of the University.

Hotel H2C, reminiscent building of CHP. Naples. H2C Hotel

Modern office buildings on the avenue  Nuova Marina. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)

Do not be alarmed, this is one and the same plane, two frames, merged by "Hugin" program. Although airplanes was go landing right above the city center every 30-40 seconds.  Naples.

Finally, the ferry goes to the voyage. I not looked at the watch, but it seems that without the delay, that is rumored, is not the rule in Italy. Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa) Naples. Ferry dock  (Calata Porta di Massa)