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Saint-Petersburg. Old Marine station (St. Peter Line ferry terminal)

Visit to Scandinavia I planned a long time ago, after the first transit through Finland and Sweden, when I went to Paris from St. Petersburg in the autumn of 2010. But somehow it did not, and all interesting programs began in Moscow, which for me was not very convenient. To go first to the capital, then the overnight train to the second capital, where at 6 am transfer to the bus, then hang around half a day on the border with Finland - it discourages. Began to plan an independent trip, because have already acquired some experience of the wild tourism, plotted a course, sorted out transport, but when it came to finding suitable hotels, this venture had to leave due to the totally ruinous prices of Scandinavia. Finally, the operator Turtrans voyage was organized by the new route, the ferry from St. Petersburg, convenient to everything, and in mid-August 2013 my biggest dream finally came true.

upon Arrival in Peter, and get on the Shuttle bus to Moskovsky prospect, I first went to the area of the Rebellion, in Stockmann to get hold of a lens the Canon EF 24/2.8 IS. In the Urals they are more expensive at least 3TR in advance because found in Peter's shop where you can drop without wasting much time. After that, I went to the old Marine station, now the terminal of the ferry company St. Peter Line, for a meeting with the group.

info iconthe Terminal is located on the Square of Sea glory (the Intersection of Grand Avenue and Cash street, on the map), you can get there by metro to station "seaside", then go to Cash out and catch the bus No. 690 or trolley bus No. 10. The latter, incidentally, is on Nevsky, including stops at the Moscow station. It is somewhat longer but much more interesting route passes through the Palace bridge, Universitetskaya embankment, Bolshoi prospect.

St Petersburg Old Marine station

Got a guide from our passports and boarding passes, go through customs and Board a ferry to Princess Mary, from the deck of a Marine station which opens in all its glory.

St. Petersburg - Old Marine terminal. panorama

the building of the Leningrad naval station was built in 1973-1983, by architect V. A. Sokhin. The walls of the station were tiled surround panels having the shape of sails on a 78-metre titanium spire was a picture of a ship on the edge.

St Petersburg. Old Marine station

the original building was built for the Baltic shipping company, and simultaneously served as a station for those arriving by sea and provides guests a base for seafarers of shipping company. At the Naval station were from Germany, Finland and Sweden.

Saint-Petersburg - Old Sea station

In the "Marine facade" development programm was built a new cruise port, directly on the Gulf of Finland and in the old building of the marine station was used by the terminal of the ferry company St.Peter Line. From the ship you can see standing in the port the cruise ships and the entrance to sailing channel (map) leading to the galley harbour. The canal and harbour were built in the years 1721-1723, by decree of Peter I. the entrance to the channel guard is decorated with pavilions -"cronspiczs" work Trezzini 1722. Originally the buildings were wooden, in 1754, they were replaced by stone, retaining the old look. The works were supervised by architect M. A. Bashmakov.

Saint-Petersburg - Old Sea station

Sqare of Naval Glory. Standard weather in St. Petersburg - just the rain poured down, a moment later the sun came out.

St. Petersburg, Square of Naval Glory