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Stockholm. Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, the narrowest street

At the end little short of Iron square, is the narrowest street in Stockholm with name Martin Trotzig (Marten Trotzigs grand map). The width of this alley that runs between high blind walls of houses, is only 90 centimeters. In 1581 in Stockholm lodged a merchant from Saxony, Martin Trotzig engaged in the trade of iron, and later copper, eventually becoming one of the richest and most respected men in the city. In 1595 Trotzig took the oath of allegiance to the Swedish crown, and two years later acquired in Gamla Stan two houses separated by an alley, bearing the name of Trångsund - Swedish "narrow channel".

Stockholm, Street Morten Trotzig. Stockholm (Marten Trotzigs grand)

In the annals of the lane at different times referred to under other names. The street is a staircase with 36 steps, for which at one time was called "Trappegrenden" - "stair alley(!)", but the most exotic was the "Kungsgränden" - "königsallee". His real name is lane officially received 1949.

Stockholm, Street Morten Trotzig. Stockholm (Marten Trotzigs grand)

Now in one of the former homes of Trotzig placed the restaurant that bears his name, and in the evening the lane is a special flavor gives lighting the old gas lanterns.

Stockholm, Street Morten Trotzig. Stockholm (Marten Trotzigs grand)

walking Up the stairs of the alley, outside the small square in front of St. Nicholas, one of the oldest educational institutions of Stockholm