Techncal Museums and Rarities

Here you can visit the technical museums of different countries, see the parades of retro cars and other monuments from the history of technology.

Cable Inglés, mineral loading stucture, Almeria

Almeria, Cable Inglés, Mineral loading stucture

This grandiose structure in the seaport of Almeria is a monument of technical architecture of the early 20th century and one of the symbols of the city (read more)

Alcoy-Gandia railway museum, Almoines

Alcoy-Gandia railway museum (Associació Tren Alcoi Gandia ), Almoines

In the former building of the railway station of the small town of Almoines, three kilometers from Gandia, there is a Museum of the narrow-gauge railway that existed from 1893 to 1969. The road was intended for the delivery of coal from the port of Gandia to Alcoy, at that time the largest center of the textile industry, as well as the export of finished products...(read more )

Vintage motorcycle museum in Ostrava

Vintage motorcycle museum in Ostrava

The Vintage Motorcycle Expo museum is located in pavilion C of the Černá louka exhibition center (read more )

Alarm clock collections in Grudziądz museum

Alarm Clock collections (Grudziądz museum)

In one of the halls of the municipal Museum of the Polish city Grudziądz there is a unique collection of alarm clocks from different countries and eras... (read more )