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Tortosa. Catalan Art Nouveau. Grego House (Casa Greco, Casa Pilar Fontanet)

On the square of Verge de La Cinta (Placa Verge de la Sinta) , sometimes called Cathedral ( Placa Cathedral) is one of the best buildings of Tortosa in the style of Catalan art Nouveau the Grego house (Casa Grego map), sometimes called Casa Pilar Fontanet.

Tortosa. Grego house. Casa Grego,Casa Pilar Fontanet

Building built in 1908 on the project of Catalan architect Mangio Pau (Pau Montguió i Seguro), already familiar to us, as author of municipal abattoir. The house boasts a large number of curvilinear elements, not forgotten, and the modern symbol is the letter "omega", which features veiled in the design of extreme the Windows of the upper floor.

Tortosa. Grego house. Casa Grego,Casa Pilar Fontanet

In the design of the facade the architect used the traditional for the last period of art Nouveau decor - moldings and ornaments in the technique of sgraffito, depicting flowers and other vegetation.

Tortosa. Grego house. Tortosa, Casa Grego,Casa Pilar Fontanet

Another distinctive feature of modern wooden balconies with sculpted Windows, as well as openwork metal lattice balconies.

Tortosa. Grego house. Casa Grego,Casa Pilar Fontanet