Welcome, dear visitor! On these pages You will find photo reports made during my long backpacking through Europe. There is only a brief information about the sights, I don't see any reason to retell Wikipedia and other sources - You can easily find it yourself if necessary. I just want to show in detail what caught my attention, including many objects that are not told mass guides. Also here is some practical information hours, transport, prices (details about this site). Perhaps you will have a desire to visit these places too. Or You will have the pleasure to get acquainted with the architecture, historical monuments, landscapes, as well as holidays and other events. I wish you pleasant viewing!

Regions and Countries

South Europe

South Europe

Italy, Spain, Portugal...read more

Nortern Europe

Northern Europe

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland...read more

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe

Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Russia, Belarus...read more

Western Europe

Western Europe, France

France, Netherlands, Belgium...read more

Cental Europe

Central Europe

Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein...read more

Thematic Selections

Architecture and urban environment

Oslo Operahuset

Modern architecture, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Baroque, Gothic, wooden architecture, gardens and parks, sculptures and monuments...читать далее


Real galley, Barcelona

Here You will find reports and practical information (how to get there, opening hours, ticket prices) about the many museums of various thematics that I visited during my travels...read more