Historic Bridges

Old Bridge (Gamle Bybrua), Trondheim

Gamle Bybrua, Trondheim

The Gamle Bybrua bridge is located at the southern end of Kjøpmannsgata street and connects the central part of the city with the Bakklandet quarter, located on the right bank of the Nidelva river (read more )

Risøybrua Bridge, Haugesund

Risøybrua bridge, Haugesund

The bridge was opened on may 14, 1939. the memorial plaque says that the bridge was built in 354 days by 60 workers. The length of the structure is 361 meters, the height above the water is 22 meters (read more )

Gjemnes Bridge (Gjemnessundbrua)

Gjemnessund  bridge

Through two dozen kilometers to the West from Kanestraum the E39 highway crosses the Gjemnes strait (Gjemnessund) one of the most elegant bridges of Norway (read more )