People. Portraits

On these pages you will find photos of residents of the countries I visited, as well as tourists in various life situations, so to speak, "in the natural environment", without poses and embellishments.

Esplanade park. Townspeople and guests of Helsinki

Helsinki. Esplanade park

After the promenade under the trees of the Esplanade and looking at its monuments, you can sit, relax, breathe in the fresh air (read more )

Changing of the guard at the Royal Palace, Stockholm

Royal guards, Stockholm

An indispensable attribute of most monarchies, and not only monarchies, is an honor guard in full uniform at the building where the Supreme power of the state is located
(read more )

August Sunday in Tegnérlunden Park, Stockholm

Tegnérlunden Park, Stockholm

This quiet corner, not far from the bustling shopping streets, is a popular holiday destination for Stockholm residents (read more )

Geiranger. Fishing on the pier

Geiranger, fishing

I watched the family of fishermen for about five minutes, during which time three fish were caught. Good result (read more )

Avaldsnes. Viking farm. The daily life and activities of ancient Norwegians

Avaldsnes. Viking Village Vikinggarden

To begin with, "Viking" (the museum's employees), demonstrated their skills in throwing an axe (read more )

Atletico Madrid champion of Spain 2014

Atletico Madrid champion of Spain 2014

Celebration in Canovas del Castillo square in honor of the victory of Atletico Madrid in the Spanish football championship (read more )

April day on the Partenope embankment

Naples, The Partenope Promenade

In early April, it is still cool in Naples , the daytime temperature rarely rises above 15 degrees Celsius, but you can already feel the approach of the summer season (read more )

Street musicians in Vomero, Naples

Naples, Vomero. Street musicians

Saturday's hustle on Scarlatti Boulevard is enlivened by street performers (read more )

Wedding in the Collegiate Basilica. Sicilian beauties

Wedding in Catania. Sicilian women

On my way to the Piazza Duomo, I stopped for a long time at the Collegiate Basilica, where a group of well-dressed people were clearly waiting for an event (read more )

Coronavirus: Italy vs Germany

As the Italians say, on the topic of the global epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, "only the pig did not speak out", yet I will allow myself to share some reasons that can be used to explain why Italy got the most. Whatever they say about the difference in the calculation method between Italy and Germany, where the death rate is very low, the huge number of deaths in Lombardy can not be attributed to the method (read more )

October Evening on Trakt Królewski, Gdańsk

Old woman with flowers, Gdańsk

This time in Gdańsk I was passing through, I arrived from Kaliningrad around 9 pm, and my bus to Berlin left at 1 am. The evening was very warm and I went for a walk in the evening city, the benefit of the historical center near the station (read more )

Pride Parade on the Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Pride parade

When I reached the Rådhuspladsen, I found that there was a mass event going on. At first, I thought I was on a citywide holiday, and the rainbow flags on the stage didn't mean anything to me, I just didn't know what they meant (read more )