On these pages you will find photos of residents of the countries I visited, as well as tourists in various life situations, so to speak, "in the natural environment", without poses and embellishments.

Esplanade park. Townspeople and guests of Helsinki

Helsinki. Esplanade park

After the promenade under the trees of the Esplanade and looking at its monuments, you can sit, relax, breathe in the fresh air...(read more)

August Sunday in Tegnérlunden Park, Stockholm

Tegnérlunden Park, Stockholm

This quiet corner, not far from the bustling shopping streets, is a popular holiday destination for Stockholm residents...(read more)

Geiranger. Fishing on the pier

Geiranger, fishing

I watched the family of fishermen for about five minutes, during which time three fish were caught. Good result...(read more)

Avaldsnes. Viking farm. The daily life and activities of ancient Norwegians

Avaldsnes. Viking Village Vikinggarden

To begin with, "Viking" (the museum's employees), demonstrated their skills in throwing an axe...(read more)

Wedding in the Collegiate Basilica. Sicilian beauties

Wedding in Catania. Sicilian women

On my way to the Piazza Duomo, I stopped for a long time at the Collegiate Basilica, where a group of well-dressed people were clearly waiting for an event...(read more)