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Tortosa. Pilgrim Gate (Portal del Romeu)

Verge De La Cinta square (Placa Verge de la Sinta), the left from  house of Grego there is another attraction - Pilgrimage gate (Portal del Romeu map). Here was the entrance to the city in the Roman fortress. An ancient legend tells the story of the salvation of the city from the Arab invasion to the lonely knight-pilgrim, who defended the gate from the Moors in 1148. Tortosa is the beginning of a "Spanish" the way of St. James, and through that gate must pass, the pilgrims.

Tortosa, Tortosa. Portal del Romeu, Pilgrim gate

On the inside wall of the gate you can see a bas-relief of Saint James, and on the other side is St. Christopher.

Tortosa, Tortosa. Portal del Romeu, Pilgrim gate