Maritime Museum of Barcelona

Royal galley (Galera Real). Maritime Museum in Barcelona

The Museum is located in a large complex of buildings called "Royal Shipyards" (read more )

Museum of Almería (Museo Arqueológico de Almería)

Museum of Almería (Museo Arqueológico de Almería)

The most important museum of Almeria province is located in the Altamira area, on Carretera de Ronda, 91, two blocks from Placa de Barcelona (read more )

Museum of robbers (Museo del Bandolero), Ronda

Ronda. Museum of bandits

The unique exhibition tells about the life and mores of the bandits who operated in the mountains of Andalusia in the 18-19 centuries, as well as the fight against them (read more)

Museum of Aeronautics in Madrid

Museum of Aeronautics, Madrid

The national aviation Museum (Museo de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica or Museo del Aire) occupies the territory of the very first Madrid airfield Cuatro Ventos ("Four winds"). On an area of 67 thousand square meters there are seven hangars and a large open Parking lot, where you can see about 200 planes and helicopters and thousands of other exhibits that tell about the history of Aeronautics... (read more )

Polish aviation museum in Krakow

Polish aviation museum in Krakow

(read more )

Norwegian Glacier Museum

Norwegian glacier museum

The Glacier museum (Norsk Bremuseum) is located in the Jostedalsbreen national park, near the village of Fjærland (read more )

Bryggens Museum, Bergen

Bryggens Museum, Bergen

To the right of the Hanseatic Assembly is the area of archaeological excavations. The history of the Bryggen quarter goes back more than 800 years, during which time a significant cultural layer was formed (read more )