Glove of Christian VI fountain (Hansken), Oslo

Fountain 'The Glove', Oslo

The composition is based on the legend that after the fire of 1624, king Christian IV ordered to rebuild the city in a new place, pointing his finger at the map slightly away from the burned-out quarters (read more)

Jardins del Princep, Tortosa

Jardins del Princep, Tortosa

Under the walls of the fortress of San Juan is the sculpture Park of the Spanish artist Santiago de Santiago Hernández, better known as the "Garden of the Prince" (read more )

Marilyn Monroe statue

Marilyn Monroe monument, Haugesund

On the waterfront, next to the Rica Maritim Hotel, is the pride of the city - a monument to the great Marilyn Monroe. It would seem that what does the iconic American actress to the Norwegian fishing village? (read more )

Square of Russian sailors

Square of Russian sailors, Messina

The square is named after the sailors of the Russian Empire Navy who participated in the rescue of the inhabitants of Messina after the earthquake of 1908 (read more )

Statue of King José I

King José I statue, Lisbon, Lisbon

In the center of prasa do Comercio square is a monument to king Jose I, who ruled Portugal from 1750 to 1777 (read more )