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Stockholm. German church (Tyska kyrkan, Deutsche Kirche)

In the quarter to South of the Stortorget square on the same Vasterlanggatan street, is a Lutheran "German" Church (Tyska kyrkan, Deutsche Kirche map), sometimes referred to as St. Gertrude Church (Sankta Gertruds kyrka). In the Middle ages in this neighborhood settled by immigrants of their German lands, hence the name. In Stockholm there were a large number of German merchants and craftsmen, they had no separate place for worship. In the 14th century in Stockholm, on this spot the house was built by the German Guild of St. Gertrude Nevelskoy, which included German traders. In 1571, king John III authorized the German-speaking citizens of Stockholm to form a separate parish, to which would be invited pastors from Germany. In 80-ies of the 16th century, the Guild was decided to rebuild the Church. To guide the construction was invited an international team of architects - Flemish Willem Bout, the Dutch Hubert de Bechet and Hans Jakob Christler from Strasbourg. In 1638-1642, Hans Jakob Christler significantly expanded the Church to the size of the now existing two-aisled Church. At the same time the Church became an important center of sacred music, the choir of the school participated at the Royal concerts. In 1878 fire destroyed the bell tower, and the draft Berlin architect Julius Carl Raschdorf built new, with a height of 86 meters, the brick spire which was covered with copper sheets. The bells are ringing four times a day: at 8:00 and 16:00 the Lutheran hymn "all Praise of the Lord" (Nu tacka Gud, allt folk) to the tune of Johann Kruger and noon and 20:00 hymn Praise the Lord. Now the Church has about 2,000 parishioners from different parts of Stockholm.On Sundays there are Church services in German.

Stockholm, German Church (Tyska kyrkan, Deutsche Kirche)

Neo-Gothic gargoyles — element, it is non-traditional in swedish architecture, perform the functions of the drains.

Stockholm, German Church (Tyska kyrkan, Deutsche Kirche)

The Northern gate decorated with the saying in German: "Fürchtet Gott! Ehret den König!" — "Fear God! Honor the King!".

Stockholm, German Church (Tyska kyrkan, Deutsche Kirche)