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Copenhagen. Naval base Holmen. Ships Selen, Sehested and Danneborg

Opposite the Larsens Plads promenade on the other side of the harbour Inderhaven, is the old Royal naval base Holmen (Holmen - "small island").

Copenhagen. The old Harbor, panorama

Until 80s of the 17th century the Navy of Denmark was based in the harbour, almost in the center of the city. In connection with the growth of the fleet and the increasing number arriving in Copenhagen merchant ships, in 1680 it was decided to build for the Navy a separate base closer to the sea. In 1782, on the Islands of Holmen began the construction of docks, barracks, naval crews, for protection from the sea erected several FORTS. It also housed the shipyard, came down on a ship in 1692. After the Second world war were built two new bases in Frederikshavn and Korsør, Holmen was the main base until 1993. Now here is a new area of the city, Frederiksholm, the center of which was built in 2005 Opera house.

Copenhagen. The old harbour

From the base there is a small section, which houses the Royal naval Academy, and several Museum ships during the Cold war.

Submarine "Selenium" (Sælen) project 207 belongs to the class of small and intended for operations in coastal waters.Only the Danish fleet was three units of boats of this project. Displacement: 370 tons surface, 435 tons when submerged, Length: 47.20 m, Width: 4.70 m, Draft: 3.80 m. the Power plant consists of two diesel generators at 1100 HP , one propeller of the motor 1700 HP Underwater and surface speed of 10 and 17 nodes, respectively. The crew: 24. Armament - eight 533 mm (21 inch) torpedo tubes, eight torpedoes. This boat was built 1965 in Emden (Germany) to the Royal Norwegian Navy, where he served for 25 years under the name Uthaug, when it was sold to Denmark. 4 December 1990, the boat sank while being towed from Copenhagen to Aarhus. 17 December, she was raised by the German floating crane, and put in the dock Aarhus for repair. August 10, 1993 under the name of the boat Sælen was put into operation . In 2003, the submarine participated in NATO operations against Iraq. After a year of continuous duty in the Mediterranean sea and the Persian Gulf, she was lifted aboard Grietje and delivered to Copenhagen, where he established the site of the old naval base (map). Now in the open boat Navy Museum. On weekdays the boat can only be visited with a guided tour (in English), which starts every half an hour.

Copenhagen. The submarine Sælen

Missile boat Sehested built the Royal dockyard and joined the Navy in 1978. A ship with a length of 46 meters and a displacement of 264 tons, is armed with four anti-ship missiles, "Harpoon", six launchers for small rockets (103 mm), two torpedo tubes, and a 76mm automatic gun installation. The power plant consists of three gas turbines at 12750 HP, which allows the boat to accelerate during the attack up to 40 knots (74 km/h) cruising speed are two diesel 800 HP On diesels, the boat can go at a speed of 12 knots (22 km/h). The crew of the boat 25. On the last day of 2000, the boat was exhibited to the Royal naval Museum, his visit is also included in the tour program. Tower on the shore - crane of the 17th century, was intended for installation of masts on ships.

Copenhagen. Copenhagen. Missile boat Sehested Copenhagen. Naval base Holmen

On a raid of base Holmen is ancored Royal yacht Dannebrog ("Danish standard"). The yacht was laid at the naval dockyard in Copenhagen in 1931, and commissioned on 26 may 1932. It replaces an old historic paddle yacht "Dannebrog" in 1879 construction. The hull is steel, clipimage type. In the front are the crew quarters , in the Central part - the engine room in the stern - the Royal apartments, including dining room, living room, bedrooms of the royals and guest cabins. During official visits to Utah receptions. The yacht is part of the Navy, so the crew consists of sailors - 9 officers, 7 petty officers and 36 sailors. If necessary, the yacht can become a hospital ship and equipped for rescue operations at sea. During his long life the yacht has passed more than 300 thousand nautical miles (500,000 km) and visited many ports in Europe, have made cruises the Caribbean sea. In the 1980-1981 year, the yacht underwent extensive renovations with the replacement of the propulsion and navigation equipment. Regular inspections show that the hull is in excellent condition and will last a very long time.

Copenhagen. The Royal yacht Dannebrog